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Guestbook for 2017 Girls in Technology Day
When is the school/ society going to 'level the playing field' and offer 'Boys Only' courses and programs to match the 'girls only' programs?
Women/ girls make up 51-2% of the US population, yet account for 53+% of college campus populations.
More women than men earn Masters degrees than do men to a sizable extent. There are 'female dominated' professions that could and should see a spike in the number of men were they similary offered opportunities: Health Information Management and nursing for example and among other female dominated professions/ curricula the school(s) could and should offer.
"Girls Only” reeks of gender bias and discrimination against boys/ men in this 'Age of (faux) Equality.' End the gender biased double standard. There would be marches in the streets (and are) were 'women/ girls' excluded from anything open to men/ boys ‘only.’ For shame!

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